SERIOUS REALTOR - This is not trivial stuff.

"Your next real estate transaction is likely to be the single largest financial event of your lifetime. Your Realtor had better get-it-right exactly-right, by-design, without-fail; so before you select me as your Realtor here are the things you should know about me"

THE ART OF REAL ESTATE - It's about winning for you.

Your priorities are more important than your Realtors priorities or his commissions. I understand and embrace that concept.


Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Real Estate; Boise State University; 1982


I graduated from university (BBA - Real Estate) during the last real estate crash back in 1981. Since I had a passion for sales and a wonderful new device (The Macintosh Computer) I shortly became the Valleys main promoter of the Macintosh computer platform and its lifestyle. I evangelized the Treasure Valley with the Macintosh message for many years as the Founder and CEO of the very successful MacLife Computer Company on Overland Rd in Boise. I sold the company in January 2006 thus finally getting back to my original career passion Real Estate.


Really digging-in to uncover and fully understand your needs is obviously foundational but you also need someone who keeps in-touch during the process of buying or selling. Maybe even more important, you need someone who can effectively communicate exactly whats going-on and how it will affect you. The art of effective communication is imperative.


In this day-and-age and especially in real estate your Realtor had better have some serious marketing prowess and technical expertise. My previous profession has given me a deep understanding of the Internet, marketing and graphic design. I bring this extensive arsenal of technical and design tools to-bear for my clients.

MY PURPOSE STATEMENT - Know what's at my core.

I will embrace Life, delve into Its beauty, know Its Creator and impart It to others. I will live a life of gratefulness, purpose, passion and creativity. By Gods grace my life will make a difference and have eternal significance.

MY PROFILE - What you should know about my personal life.

I live a blessed life really despite the fact Ive done little to merit it. Im happily married to the wife of my youth, my adult children are a great source of joy to me and I love the beauty of Idaho which I indulge-in regularly. I am passionate about training Labrador Retrievers, bird-hunting and tennis. I love life and believe it was meant to be enjoyed. Work too is a blessing especially if youre doing what you love and I love my profession. I was born to be a Realtor. It is my calling.

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Bachelor of Business Degree - Boise State University